An Angel is a Religious being found in Athenaism. Angels are the opposite of the demons created by the God's Mistchief and Mayhem. Angels live amongst the God's and protect the souls of the living unlike Demons, whom either are the playful jesters of the God's of the Underworld or guardians of the dead. Angels may enter the underworld but doing so would cause them to become demons thus in essence no angel has ever done so. Angels are the guardians of the Gates to the Heavens, the golden gates which protect the Temple of Athena. Angels can be either Male or Female.

Athenaism Edit


According to Athenaism, the Goddess Mars created Angels in order to help protect her mother from any threat and to protect the Shinto people from wrong doing or early death. The Goddess created these angels in her own image, with the wings that make her fly and agile in war. Angels are to be ready for a war if ever comes the day they need to fight for the Mother Goddess or for the Shinto people. But they are to be pure of heart and offer healing, divinity, and a voice for the people. Invisible to the eye of the unbeliever, the Angel will be pure and visible to the purest true believer of the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena.

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