Athena is the first month of the Annum Nova, or the New Year of the Gabanian Calendar. Athena is the Longest month of the year with 200 days. It is also the holiest Month in all of the year with each day marking a significant Religious ceremony or event. Athena, is so powerful that it is the only Month in which the Imperial Parliament and the Imperial Senate will not be in session to pass any bills. Athena usually marks the Holy Month pillamgrage one of the many commandments that St. Bishop received on a hill over Lake Athens, that each Athenian must do in order to pay respect to the Mother Goddess. "and so thou shalt do upon the month of the Holy and most revered Mother Goddess Pallas Athena, shall embark on a journey to view and worship at the home of the Mother Goddess at Lake Athens, where upon here the first drops of the Mother Goddess's milk sprung life, our life. Let this month be kept Holy for all time to come." Book XLVII 

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