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Athenian is the largest and most popular language in the planet of Gaban. Next to Gainese it is the most commonly practiced language in the planet. The Athenian language is used in everyday events and is used by the Imperial Senate and other Imperial Orders. Under the constitution Athenian is the Official Language of the planet


The Athenian language has roots that are unknown. The language has been thought to have been developed in the Pre Historic times of Gaban. It was thought to be dead by the Ancient Gainese but when the Athenians Conquered the Ancient Gainese Empire it was reintrodiced to the region.


The Uses of the Athenian language is for basic communication throught the planet of Gaban. The Athenian language is also the only language allowed to be spoken during Imperial Senate and other Important meetings and religious ceremonies.

Kingdoms Where Spoken

The Kingdoms where the Athenian Language is spoken are as follows(This Excludes the Commenwealths and Marks):

  • Bat Kingdom -100% of population Speaks
  • Dragon Empire -100% of population Speaks
  • Kingdom of Snelly- 100% of population Speaks
  • Kingdom of Athens -100% of population Speaks
  • Kingdom of Italy- 100% of population Speaks
  • Kingdom of Gain & California -0.5% of population Speaks
  • Ewok Kingdom's -5% of population Speaks
  • Wookie Nation's -0.2% of population Speaks
  • United Kingdom of Russia & Athens- 100% of population Speaks

Athenian Alphabet

IMG 4475.JPG

A ae
B buh
C Cei
D Dea
E ef
F Fe
G Grr
H Hip
I Ich
J Hea
L Lettum
M Mimum
N Ninum
O Ope
P Pipe
Q Ku
R ar
S is
T Tss
U Op
V Uf
X Ec
Y Wi
Z Ceta


The Education that Athenian is given as is the First and Only Language given to the children that go to the Imperialist School in St. Bishop. Athenian has been by law, the most important language to be taught in the planet of Gaban. So much so that The Slave Laws Dictate that Athenian be the First and Only Language taught by Slavers to the Slaves. Slaves are then able to be sold on the market, which is also spoken in Athenian. All students learn the basic language of Athenian by their 2nd year then they are taught the ancient forms of Athenian like it's alphabet and written language.


The Government of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens recognizes Athenian as it's official language and uses it for this reason. The Government prints all forms and texts only in Athenian forcing the Gainese to be able to translate the text. All Goverement buildings and Imperial Zones are named and have signs in Athenian. In many Cities and areas the Gabanian Goverment dictates that Athenian must be spoken in specific areas. The Imperial Senate and Imperial Court has laws that dictate that every procession only be in Athenian and not in any form of languages.