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The Coat of Arms of the Emperor

Emperor Alexander Pontivov (22 January,15 B.U.K.- Present) is the current Emperor of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens and the Emperor  of the Gabanian Empire. He is the King of all Rus, Dragon Emperor, King of the Ponce Peoples, and Emperor of All Athens. In the U.K. the emperor is never referred to by his given name, but rather is referred to as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor"which may be shortened to "His Imperial Majesty"


The Emperor was born the only child of Empress Kiki through what has been deemed immaculate conception. Automatically crowning him crown prince of the Empire of Gain and the Kingdom of Athens. Growing up during his Mothers reign was very difficult as he watched the Athenian Empire slowly fall in prominence and the Russian's making advances in the Western Athenian Empire and Far North. He excelled at the Imperial War College of Athens and became a commander in the Athenian Imperial Navy.


According to the Constituion of the Empire of Gaban the Emperors job is to be the official head of state of the Empire. Which as such he has done so. Although very quiet and barely making public apperances, the Emperor is outspoken and very involved in political expedentiures. Every St. Bishop Holiday and Annum Nova Celebrations since the Emperor was crowned, he has made an annual presentation and speech over the Radio and Television stations. According the the Constitution as well, he is the commanding officer of the entire Imperial Navy. HE has only declared war twice in his reign, they are both Gainese-Russo Wars.

The Silent One

Emperor Alexander perhaps is most famous for being a recluse. Often not wanting to show up in public and staying away from St. Bishop in the countless Imperial Retreats. He never married nor ever dated anyone before his reign. He is the first Monarch in the Kingdoms history not to be married or have had a spouse when assending to the throne. When asked why he stated that perhaps it wasnt the gods intentions to have me in a relationship.


The Emperor believes in Athenaism. As the official head of the Athenian Faith, he has no power in the Great Temple of Athens. Like his mother before him he spends much time studying his faith and visiting Temples across the Empire.  


The Emperor enjoys long walks and hikes. He enjoys the outdoors and is a major supporter of sports he also is owner of the St. Bishop Saints Quidditch team. He likes to keep models of his kingdoms and writes poetry. Some of his poems are released from time to time on the St. Bishop Times.