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Gabaniki Wiki is the Official Website for the Gabanian Empire and her Territories. This wiki also serves as a database for all things from the Country as well as the location and points of interest. We strive to bring all the information of our peoples to the world wide web slowly growing with over 7000 pages!


A Planet in the Tellawowian Galaxy. The Capital of the Gabanian Empire and home to one of the largest companies in the Universe. It's population is 989 Trillion inhabitants and is always growing.

Temperature Across The Planet Today Brought To You By: SBT-Acatolo Brodcasting Co.

 St. Bishop -467 degrees F. Athens 87 degrees F.
Hoboken -67 degrees F. San Juan 88 degrees F.
St. Augustine 77 degrees F. Madrid 1,066 degrees F.
Miami 77 degrees F. Havana, Gain 1,089 degrees F.

Did You Know...

All members of the Imperial Royal Family can trace their lineage back to Belle I the ancient ruler of St. Bishop…

Gaban Planet with it's 5 Suns and it's Blue moon.

This Week's Feature Article

The University of Apolos is a public university in Citta Apolos in the Kingdom of Athens. It has a student body population of 345,390 students.

Read More at: University of Apolos

St. Bishop Times The U.K. of Russia and Athens #1 Best Selling Newspaper News Flash

Imperial Navy pushes back Gainese troops.

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