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Born Cleopatra Aminopola, High Priestess Alexandra XXVII, the 27th, is the current High Priestess of the Temple of Athens. She was elected after Alexandra XXVI died in 1987 A.U.K.

Early Life Edit

Alexandra was born Cleopatra Aminopola to the House of Aminopola, one of Athens most elite millitary families. As with most families, she was sent to the Temple as offering to the Mother Goddess in hopes that she would someday have the honor to be a high priestess. She went to the Temple school and worked her way into the inner circle of the Holy Priestesses of Athens, where she excelled and soon became a favorite of Alexandra XXVI.

Election Edit

After the death of Alexandra XXVI, the Election of a new High Priestess took place in the room of the Holy of Holies where four days later, the plume of white smoke was seen signifying that Cleopatra had become the new High Priestess. In honor of her predecessor, she choose the name of Alexandra XXVII.

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