Hoboken is the fourth largest city in Bat Kingdom and the State of Russia. Hoboken was and to a certain extent is the Home of the Imperial Navy. The City is one of the most important in Bat Kingdom as it once served for a period of 10,000 years as the capital. Today it remains an important center of trade and commerace.


Hoboken was the first setttlement on and first time that the Shinto would see the mighty Tellawow River.  The City has grown as a small village into the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom in terms of population. The City during the 67890-57689 B.U.K. served as the home of the Batese Government under the Pontivov dynasty.


The city has a population of 235,378,398,490 inhabitants. 100% of the inhabitants are Shinto. of them:

128,596,584,525 are ethnic Batese/ Russians

50,678,590,490 are Ethnic Athenians

29,000,000,000 are ethnic Snelly

27,000,000,000 are ethnic Wookie

103,223,475 are Ethnic Molvanians

Religion Edit

As with the rest of the Nation the state Religion is Athenaism. There are 579,098 Temples within the City limits. The largest of which is the Great Temple of Hoboken.