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Under act 479.1776 in the United Kingdom's Constitution, an Imperial Naval Police Force was to be formed to protect and defend the Domestic Lands of the Mother Country.


The Imperial Navy Police Force or Forteza Di Empirum Polichia Naval was formed under the U.K's Constitution Form 479.1776 on January 1, 1222 A.U.K. the Force controls all forms of police desisions and is maitained and control by the Imperial Navy. It's Head Quarters unlike the Navy it's self is in the City of St. Bishop in Forteza Di Espana, Espana Prison.

Espana Prison[]

The Polices headquarters is in Espana Prison which was built under the founding fathers of the Police Force. The Prison is guarded by the Navy's Police. The Police live, work and train in the prisons fortress. There the police train and carry out daily business. Using the Hogwarts Express Prison Train, the Police are able to move across the Kingdoms without problems.

Imperial Navy[]

As the name in front of the Police states the Police is a grand part of the Imperial Navy. The Imperial Navy Controls the Police force. The Police Officers are all under the Imperial Oath to be part of the Imperial Navy and in times of war you shall join the cause of the Navy.


The Imperial Navy Police Force uses many veichles such as tanks, cars, hovercars, hoverbikes, trains, ships, planes, boats, and for the Commenwealth Nations they use Imperial Star Destroyers (the Police only own one for excersises in deep space).