Imperialist are the people who believe strongly in the Empire. Unlike their counter parts, the Republicans, they believe that the Empire should live and remain having the power across the planet. Imperialist are also proud of their heritage and being part of the Empire. Imperialist believe in slavery to do all their work, but unlike the Republicans, they do not believe in giving many rights to slaves. Imperialist also are of Wealthy familys who believe that everyone(anyone who is not a slave) is equal and deseves the rights to live in the empire and be wealthy.

Imperialist are also the largest political party when elections come and they spend there own money on keeping their empire running. The Imperialist also happen to be in the Millitary with high ranks and status among the Empire. Imperialist also own large plantaions an parcels of land. Many famous Imperialist control places such as Acatolo Fish Market and Super Center, Espana Prison, an many other famous places. As their motto states Vive Et Empiro.