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The Imperialist party is the largest party on the planet of Gaban and is the largest political party in the Imperial Goverment. They believe in the order of the Kingdoms and the Mighty Empire of Gaban. They believe that all the planets inhabitants have a free trade and system of Education. They also spend the most monay on improvements on the public interest system. Which to the public means great news and lower Taxation. The Imperialist Party also is allowed to have more canidates than the other political powers. The Empire of Gaban is the main and most dominant power in the Tellawowian System. 


No one is for sure when the Imperialist Party was founded unlike other minor or major political parties within the United Kingdom and the Imperial Senate, it is believed that over time the Imperialist Party evolved over those with whom where loyal to the decadent of the Crown of the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena. There for the ideology has always been perceived that the government authority is with the Emperor or Empress.


The Imperialist believe in a strong crown led by a member of the Imperial Family. They believe that all kingdoms and republics have equal rights but at the end of the day should respect the laws enacted by the Imperial Senate and applied by the Temples and Emperor. Imperialist believe in a strong Imperial Navy and a sense of common dignity. That above all else the unity of the Four Kingdoms that make up the United Kingdom.

Economic Policy[]

The Conservative Party believes that free markets and individual achievement are the primary factors behind economic prosperity. A leading economic theory advocated by Conservatives is supply-side economics, this theory holds that reduced income tax rates increase GDP growth and thereby generate the same or more revenue for the government from the smaller tax on the extra growth. This belief is reflected, in part, by the advocacy of tax cuts. The party has recently focused on the social market economy in Snelly and Puerto Rico, promoting a free market for competition with social balance to create fairness with the much larger Kingdom of Russia and the Kingdom of Athens. This has included curbs on the banking sector, enterprise zones to revive regions in the United Kingdom and grand infrastructure projects such as high-speed rail.


Legally all Republics and Kingdoms within the United Kingdom may join the Imperialist Party swearing allegiance to the Emperor. The Imperialist Party is the largest political party within the Imperial Government and as such is the most powerful and influential. Although Republicans favour more autonomy at the local and state levels, they still adhere to all codes of loyalty to the monarch. It is considered wiser to be a member of the Imperialist Party than being a member of the Republican Party on a wider sense due to the political influence and financial gains attributed to the part.


As with the Republican Party, Imperialist believe strongly on a central state religion within Athenaism and seek for guidance from the Gods, Goddesses, and messengers of those God's to adhere to faith and political judgement. A great majority of High Priest and Priestesses adhere to being Imperialist with 2 abstaining and forming a part of the Republican Party as part of their platform.