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The Magic Forest

Magic Forest National Park is the largest expanse of protected land in the Empire. It contains vast extanses of magic trees and thousands of plants and animals. The Magic forest is home to many tribes like the Wookies, Ewoks, Taino, Shinto, Seminole, Shinta, Shinease, and the Whale People. The only way to enter is through Magic Forest National Park Welome Center. Entry cost cost 789 Athenian Dollars per Veihcle.

The Forest goes through Part of Gain and California. Most of it is located in Russia(Florida) taking about 99% of the total land mass of the State. The National Park is also known as Dragon National Park because it is home to the Planets largest amount of Dragons. The National Park Services control the Forest and it's many areas.


In 1478 A.U.K. the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens and Puerto Rico and the kingdoms across the planet decided that it would be necessary and an important resource to make the Magic Forest as the first national park. The Park was dedicated February 14, 1478 A.U.K with the high priest and the blessings of the Forest Goddess Kimi.

Amazon Manaus forest.jpg

Cultural Significance[]

The Forest is of great importance to the people of the United Kingdom and to all of the Shinto people, not to mention Religiously it is in it's self the holiest place on the planet of Gaban.