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A Quidditch Pitch

Quidditch is the most popular Sport on the planet of Gaban. It was brought by the Shinto Settlers from St. Bishop and has spread to every corner of the planet. The game is played all over the planet on one very long and distinct Season. The largest stadium is in St. Bishop.

Quidditch in the empire is controlled by the Imperial Quidditch League and the Gabanian Quidditch League. There are smaller leagues like the minor leagues and younger child leagues. The headquarters of Quidditch is in the Emperor Jonathan I. Velez Quidditch Stadium. There are smaller branches in the SBT-Acatolo Brodcasting Building and in smaller cities.

Quidditch is brocasted on SBT-Acatolo Brocasting Co.'s channel 6,654. It is also on Acatolo Brodcasting Co.'s channel 414. It is called the National Quidditch Televison Network (NQTN) or (NQTV). There is one league, the Imperial Quidditch League, representing Four Divisions under Two Conferences. They are the North East, South East, North West, and the South West. At one point a 5th division was consdiered for the Central Region of the United Kingdom, but it was decided unjust as the Gainese had no territory in the center. The Best team in the entire planet are the St. Bishop Gryphons, named after the official animal and symbol of the city and Empire.