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The St. Bishop Times-Acatolo Broadcasting Company is the planets largest broadcasting and media coarparation. They maintain the planets radios, newstations, and tv shows. Their headquarters is in the St. Bishop Times-Acatolo Broadcating Company tower, the worlds tallest and largest building. The building is also the headquarters to the Company's parent company the Royal Company


Under Imperial Law 470.9805, the empire was to have a free public broadcasting company that was to be able to broadcast any information that the public needed. It was put into law and the company was established Febuary 17, 12 B.U.K. The company has always been located in the city of St. Bishop  and has many smaller stations all around the Empire and Marks. The largest center that the company built is the Radio Athens company in Citta Atena, Kingdom of Athens.


The Company broadcast it's information and it shows through a high frequency plasma ray called the X-17 and has the largest satallite fleet in the private industries. It is also the only company allowed to broadcast through the Imperial Navy's Death Star I. They broadcast through radio, satalite dish, plasma tv's, 3-D television, and hollographic Television which the company invented. They used to be able to broadcast in Sound rays and Morse Codes but it took to long of a time to broadcast so they changed it to Telephone services that now work with the company and the other forms of Television broadcast.

Hollographic Television

The Company invented the television program of Hollographic Television. It is the number one television set in the Empire and almost every household maintains the set. It was invented by Mike Wazowszki in 290 A.J.P. Read more about the Hollorgraphic Television on the page Hollographic Television.

St. Bishop Times-Acatolo Studios

The St. Bishop Times-Acatolo Studios is a film and tv show studio located on floors 467 through floors 489 in the JPT-Cybrodyne Broadcasting Building. They are the main stages for many of the films and tv shows that the company makes and produces. Floor 481 is rented by Ryan Seatstar Productions.