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Tellawowism is the second largest religion on the planet of Gaban. It has been the way of life for people for hundreds of millions of years. It worships thousands of Gods and Godesses that makeup the complex system of the Religion and the planet. It is the dominant Religion of the Gainese People who claim that the God Tellawow created them.


The History of the Religion is complex but unclear. No one knows or remebers when the religion first appeared and was worshipped. The religion is thought to be a few billion years of age but no one is sure about this. But the common story goes that Tellawow is the son of St. Bishop and the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena. Having defied his mothers actions he created the Gainese People in his perfect image. These people became his sole power and he granted them land where it was hot and hostile.


Tellawowism shares many roots and Gods and Goddesses with Athenaism, the much older native religion on the planet of Gaban. However Tellawowism does not adhere to the same doctrines, ideologies, or read from he same scriptures. Tellawowism sees the City of Marvel as their divine and holy city, an oasis in the middle of the Espana Desert as being the most sacred and holiest point in the world. Tellawosim also does not adhere to Koshem and as such drink alcohol, partake in drug use, clothe themselves as they please, and eat animals and while now rare, are known to be cannibals.